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Swimming pool accessories with manual and automatic function for the optimal and economic maintenance for various pool types, a complete assortment of high-quality ABS and V4A pool components in various colours and system variations fulfil all desires and necessities for the pool trade.

Praher Plastics®

Since 1971, Praher Plastics® in Austria has been developing and producing high-quality PVC valves, ABS backwash valves, swimming pool controls, electric and pneumatic ball and butterfly valves, solar controls and niveau controls with an above-average service life.

IBG® & IBG FlexFit®

Pipes and fittings made of PVCu (polyvinyl chloride without plasticizer) and FlexFit® PVC hoses and fittings manufactured according to the applicable DIN standards and KIWA regulations offer a long service life and meet the international product and assembly requirements. Perfectly matched tolerances also distinguish our IBG® products.


Smart stands for intelligent pool technology solutions, designed and developed by Peraqua® Austria, whereby the production process is executed and monitored according to strict ISO9001 conditions.