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Measure, Control and Dosing Systems

Pool water with best quality - automatic dosing with chlorine or salt electrolysis systems

If you own a pool, you want to keep the water in the best possible condition. An effective and sustainable solution for this is to regularly measure and automatically dose the pool water values. A chlorine dosing system or a salt electrolysis system are ideal options for this.

Chlorine dosing system for effective water disinfection

The chlorine dosing system is an automatic solution for regulating the pH value and chlorine level in the pool water. The system automatically controls the dosing of chlorine and pH correction agents to keep the water hygienically clean. Effective water disinfection with chlorine ensures that the water remains in the best possible condition.

Salt electrolysis system for sustainable water disinfection

A salt electrolysis system also uses the technology of automatic dosing, but instead of chlorine, salt is used. The system converts the salt in the water into chlorine, thus ensuring perfect water disinfection. The great advantage here is that no additional chlorine needs to be added, ensuring sustainable water disinfection.

Why is automatic dosing important?

Automatic dosing is important to provide the correct amount of chemicals in the pool. The dosing depends on the size of the pool, water temperature, and number of users. If the dosing is not done correctly, it can lead to poor water quality, which can pose a health risk and make swimming unpleasant.

Advantages of automatic dosing

  1. Time savings: There is no need to manually add or monitor chemicals, as the system automatically adds the correct amount of chemicals according to pool conditions. This leaves more time to enjoy the pool instead of worrying about maintenance.
  2. Better water quality: Automatic dosing improves pool water quality. The system ensures that chemicals are added in the right amount and at the right time, to maintain optimal pH and chlorine levels. This results in a clean and healthy pool.
  3. Cost savings: Automatic dosing can also lead to cost savings. Using the exact amount of chemicals reduces the amount of wasted chemicals, which reduces the cost of chemicals and maintenance.