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Backwash Valves Manual & Automatic


An effective filter system is essential for a clean pool. At Peraqua®, all filter systems are equipped with the original Praher Plastics® 6-way backwash valve, which allows for easy and effective water cleaning. In addition, the systems can be automated with Aquastar® backwash valves to make cleaning even easier and more convenient.
For even more comfort, Peraqua® offers a mobile WIFI solution with the Loxone® Aquastar® Air, which allows for automated control of the filter system. The Loxone® app makes it easy to control filter processes, water level, temperature, and much more automatically.
Thanks to the high-quality filter systems and automated control solutions from Peraqua®, you can rely on a clean, clear, and hygienic pool. With an investment in an effective filter system and automated control solution, you can make your pool a truly smart pool that always offers you the best water quality and comfort.