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Filter & Filter Media

Durable polyester filters from Peraqua® for crystal clear pool water.

A private pool in the garden is a dream for many. However, in order to ensure an unclouded bathing experience, an effective filter system is essential. This is where the durable polyester filters from Peraqua® come into play. With their appealing design and wide range of products, they offer the perfect solution for every pool.

Filters for private pools

For private pools, the filters are available in various sizes from d300 to d1200. The optionally pre-assembled compact filter systems are particularly practical, as they can be individually adapted to the customer's needs. This allows everyone to enjoy their personal pool experience.

Filters for public swimming pools

Peraqua® also offers high-level filters according to DIN19643 and ÖNORM M6216 for public pool facilities. The range extends from d600 to d3200 to ensure perfect water filtration. This also allows visitors to swimming pools and public facilities to enjoy a clean and safe swimming experience.