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For our existing customers and business partners

Far too long we have been a „throwaway society”. It is clear to us as Peraqua that this has to change from now on. In the first step we trust in the high production standard of our brands Ocean®, Praher Plastics® und IBG®. These brands are subject to the high Austrian standards with a long durability. Nevertheless each product has a life cycle and needs to be repaired one day or spare parts or change or replacement. Peraqua has a large assortment of repair and spare parts offers.

Repair required? This is how it works

  1. Download the service form and fill in the required information.

  2. Send service form (and checklist) to 

  3. Send the product to be repaired to the Peraque head office. Add the delivery note with short error description
    Peraqua Professional Water Products GmbH | Handelsstraße 8 | A-4300 St.Valentin

  4. After receipt and first inspection you get further information from our technical team.

Download Service Form

Looking for Spare Parts?

Change of wearing parts in time can extend the product life cycle considerably. Peraqua service provides dispatch of spare parts within 1 working day.

Spare Parts

Any Questions?

For questions about repair & spare parts service as well as technical questions please contact our technical support.

Technical Support


Christian Ramsner

Technical Manager

Andreas Bauernfeind

Technical Customer Support

Manuel Diesenreiter

Technical Customer Support

Johann Mühlbachler

Technical Customer Support