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Measure, Control and Dosing Systems

Keep your pool clean

A great influence for an effective and sustainable use of the pool is guaranteed by regular measuring of the pool water values and the automatic dosing. A chlorine dosing system or a salt electrolysis gives automatic control for pH and chlorine. This provides perfect water disinfection and a clean pool.


There are many factors affecting the redox value. It can happen that the same redox value in different pools can result in different concentration. It needs a regular measuring for best possible poolwater quality and not only to rely on the redox value.

The Peraqua® technicians recommend to bring the chlorine and pH value manually to the setpoint. The determination of the redox value with clean water, this value can be taken as reference for the automatic dosage. To keep the pool water hygienic and sustainably clean it is recommended to repeat this process during the season respectively when there is a notable change of temperature.

In case of first fill or refill of the pool the pH value often varies considerably. Therefore it is useful to wait for automatic redox measuring until the value is stable. But also pollution of defect electrodes cause value differences. The redox sensor should be treated with a special calibration solution.